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Let's unleash some good into the world!

Smaller budgets and staff don't mean your marketing strategy can't be dialed in for maximum impact. We're certified to use the Storybrand framework to create streamlined messages that we execute across the platforms that deliver you the most return.

No more wall spaghetti

Storybrand delivers a simple message targeted at your priority audiences. You stop throwing ideas at the wall and stay focused on ideas that will work.

Control = Focus

We can develop tools for every aspect of your marketing, from web to video to email campaigns and everything in between. When it's all focused, it all works!

Maximum accountability

When you streamline your marketing, you know you're delivering the best value to your donors and the people you serve.

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It's Easy to Ramp Up to Awesome

"Let's change how we've been talking about ourselves for years"...said no reasonable leader ever. But our 20+ years of experience working with nonprofits combined with the sublime simplicity of Storybrand make it easy to move forward with confidence.

1. Get everyone on board

We'll refine and affirm your message using Storybrand alongside your leadership and communication teams.

2. Dial in priorities

Together, we'll prioritize next steps based on strategic targets, current opportunities, and budget.

3. Make it happen

We'll execute the priorities through your website, video, print, email and other media.

  • “Tim is always thinking three steps ahead and two steps sideways, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.”

    Daphne Baille

    Director of Communication and Marketing, TASC
  • “I've worked with Tim for over 12 years, a dozen campaigns and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message. ”

    Sue Elworth

    Director of Marketing, Willow Creek Association
  • “We move fast, and Tim has helped us stay focused and develop industry-leading materials, all while keeping us on message and with an eye on our strategic goals.”

    Tracy Hulett

    Director of Marketing, Home-Centered Care Institute

Meet your guide

Tim Whitney has over 20 years in communication and marketing for public and private mission-based organizations, helping them leverage the best mechanism and medium for reaching their audience--from branding, web development, and video production to marketing strategy, grant writing, and policy development.

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How Much Will This Cost?

How much are your unfocused strategies costing you now? Are potential donors confused because you bombard them with options...or don't communicate at all? Are you spending hours and dollars keeping efforts afloat with no measurable returns? Enough is enough. Here are a few examples of major projects we can do with your team...

BrandScript Workshop


If you've been through the Storybrand book or training we'll drill down hard into your BrandScript for your primary audience so you have a confident foundation for your marketing.

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Flagship Video


We'll script, produce, and deliver a flagship video for your organization that elevates the emotional connection with your audience, building on your BrandScript. It's a powerful tool that you can use for years.

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Messaging Recast


Together, we work through BrandScripts for every audience, assess communication channels, and execute messaging, web, video, email, and other tools aligned for maximum impact.

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Today we work...tomorrow we celebrate!

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What is Storybrand all about?

If you're wondering what all this Storybrand talk is about, do yourself a favor and take the online or live course. After 25 years in marketing, Storybrand is the first framework I've seen that makes sense on both an emotional and practical level. It will change the way you do business.

If you're not quite sure if or how it applies, setup a call and we can talk about the benefits and whether or not it's a good fit.