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Branding, web innovation, content strategy, grant writing, and data visualization.

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You do good workWe help you do it better

Greenisland helps magnify the impact of the great work you're already doing by aligning best practices in design and technology with your mission. Here's what's popular now, but be sure to take a look at our full line of nonprofit courses and nonprofit services.

Grant Writing Training

Online Course

Our 17-session Grantsmith online video class covers everything you need to research and write successful proposals. It's based on over 15 years experience and $10 million awarded.

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Web Strategy & Development

Direct Service

Your website is the flagship of your brand, but it's just one tool in your digital engagement strategy. We'll help you shape and execute your online strategy.

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Direct Service

Welcome to a new way to work. Don't just outsource projects, outsource entire organizational functions like constituent outreach, data analysis, and digital engagement.

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Rapid Data Feedback

Direct Service

Analyze programs in real time with custom web-based tools. Elevate your accountability, effectiveness, and ability to adapt to changes.

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Ruthlessly create. Ruthlessly innovate. Ruthlessly do good.

Our work is based on four fundamental principles that drive everything we do. We'll be your guide down the path to a new way of thinking about how good work happens.

It's all about effectiveness.

Every strategy and every tool should be approached with a goal of helping you be as effective as possible at reaching your constituents. Don't follow trends...follow results.

Big ideas are accessible.

High impact technology and creative tools have never been more accessible to nonprofits.

Design holds the answer.

Great design - whether its a visual approach or an internal process - can be the difference between mediocrity and ground-breaking success.

Organizational Authenticity

The organizations that succeed are the ones that ruthlessly demand honest feedback and assessment.

Tim is intelligent, passionate and an absolute pleasure to work with. He possesses an expansive knowledge base, covering a wide variety of issues. He is a trusted and invaluable partner.


Nonprofit Insights

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