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Meet Tim Whitney

Tim has a dual background in marketing and policy development. His passion is helping non-profits and ministries align all of the necessary communication tools and strategies to be effective at accomplishing their goals. These tools range from branding and communication strategy to print campaigns, web development, web applications, copywriting, grant writing, legislation, policy and program development. In a marketing / communication role he has worked with organizations like the Willow Creek Association, Awana Clubs International, Bright Hope International, and churches and nonprofits of various shapes and sizes in the Chicagoland area.

Tim has also worked at the intersection of social service, drug treatment and criminal justice policy in Illinois for 17 years. As Special Counsel for Policy for TASC, Inc. he was responsible for research, analysis and policy support for a number of agency activities, primarily legislative analysis, and policy and program design in the areas of criminal justice and diversion / alternatives to incarceration. He also co-authored a number of papers on treatment, diversion and disproportionate minority confinement. Since 2004, Tim has continued his involvement with key stakeholders and service providers in Illinois in a consultative capacity, most recently providing staffing, management and project consultation for cross-system collaborations at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral healthcare expansion.

Tim prioritizes organizations that do redemptive work – organizations that attempt to bring healing to brokenness, and restoration of hope. He's also a lawyer, but don't worry...he's one of the good guys.

Tim always has his mind in multiple places at once, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.

Daphne Baille, TASC

Client List

Awana Clubs International
Willow Creek Association
Bright Hope International
Judson University Architecture Department
Illinois Division of Mental Health
Cook County Justice & Health Initiative
Eastland Disaster Historical Society
Leap Technologies

Project Mercy
Global Executive Leadership Forum - a Lausanne project
Compass Church
Westridge Community Church
First Pres. Church of Wheaton