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Like bootcamp for nonprofits and grant writers.

Only without the sweating, yelling, and exercise. OK, so it's not really like bootcamp at all. We call it "grantsmithing". Over 17 online video sessions you'll learn the discipline and craft of researching funders and writing compelling grants. We've been through the sweat and tears of preparing hundreds of applications, so you don't have to, and have loaded this training with strategies, tips, and sample language to help you navigate the ins and outs of writing good proposals.

This course is designed for nonprofits that want to not only get better at writing successful proposals, but also get better at the process of researching and applying for foundation and government grants. The course is also for grant writers or freelance writers who want to offer their clients a more comprehensive approach to grant writing.

* A quick note to freelance writers: Most of the homework in this course is based on a nonprofit writing actual language about actual programs. To get the same benefit, you’ll want to have a client or program in mind as you do the homework.

Who's it for?

  • Small or new nonprofits
  • New grant writing and development staff
  • Nonprofits looking to have better success with their grant writing efforts
  • Freelance writers

What you'll learn

  • The importance of aligning your proposals to organizational strategy
  • How to write every major section of a proposal
  • How to find government and foundation grants
  • Budgeting and other details

What you get

  • Complete boilerplate language for future proposals
  • Five foundation funding prospects
  • Sample language for an entire proposal
  • Guidance on budgets, letters of intent, and other miscellaneous items

Tim always has his mind in multiple places at once, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.

Daphne Baille, TASC

What You’ll Be Learning

When you’re done with the course, you’ll have assembled one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit can have – a proposal boilerplate. This document contains about 75% of the language you’ll need as you’re preparing proposals. Working on the boilerplate outside the pressure of a proposal deadline will result in language that is better-written, more thoughtful and intentional. It will also set you up to be uber-efficient as you’re writing proposals in the future.

Through this course you’ll also be given strategies and tips for finding foundation and government grants, and you’ll have five foundations, plus information about grants at the local, state and federal level for you to start pursuing.

Finally, we’ll be walking through key strategies for completing solid applications, including letters of intent, the budget, and making sure you meet the funder’s expectations.

Sample Session

Take a look at a sample from our session about writing a good Statement of Need:

What We’ll Be Covering

Our Grantsmith Grant Writing Course includes the following 17 sessions. Total training time is about 90 minutes, but you should plan on 6-10 hours of homework as you work on your boilerplate.

  • Welcome
  • Think Like a Funder
  • Boilerplate – Introduction
  • Boilerplate – Mission & Vision
  • Boilerplate – Philosophy & Approach
  • Boilerplate – Statement of Need
  • Boilerplate – Program Descriptions
  • Boilerplate – Accountability
  • Boilerplate – Sustainability
  • Boilerplate – Partnerships
  • Boilerplate – Governance & Misc. Docs
  • Finding Foundation Grants
  • Finding Government Grants
  • Developing Relationships
  • Completing the Application
  • The Budget
  • After You Submit

Supporting Materials

Each video session includes two downloads: a PDF of the slides in handout format, and a Word document with the transcript. You’re free to use the language in the transcript as a foundation for your own writing.

Quick Tips to Get You Started

We recently helped the State of Illinois get a $4 million grant to serve at-risk youth. Check out our blog post from that experience, covering some strategies for successful grant proposals.

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