Rapid Data

Analyze and adapt in real time.

Data capture and analysis tools and technology have never been more accessible to nonprofits. In an age of high expectations for results and accountability from donors, partners and funders, the ability to collect and measure effectiveness has never been more important.

But knowing which tools are the right ones for a specific situation can be an overwhelming proposition for nonprofits. The answer can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet, or as complex as a custom, real-time web-based data collection and reporting application.

Greenisland takes a strategy-first approach to data. First we look at your needs in terms of reporting, accountability and program design. Then we recommend a data capture and analysis strategy that will get you collecting and analyzing information as quickly as possible. Then we align the tools and technology to make it happen.

Who's it for?

  • Nonprofits with limited data collection capacity
  • Nonprofits with accountability expectations from donors, partners and funders.
  • Nonprofits launching new programs and models.

Tools and technology

  • Online and offline database tools
  • Web-based and local data entry and reporting
  • Off-the-shelf and fully custom options

The end result

  • Rapid feedback on key program outcome measures
  • Ability to adapt program design in real time based on data, not assumptions
  • Enhanced levels of accountability

I've worked with Tim for over 10 years, a dozen campaigns and and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message, the intent of the donor or grant maker and has provided outstanding results for us year after year.


It's not just data...it's insight

Information is only as useful as the questions being asked and the quality of the response. To achieve rapid and real-time results, core questions and accountability measures need to be built into the data collection and visualization tools.

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