Welcome to a new way of working!

Sidesourcing is new way of working with creative vendors, specially designed for the resources, budgets and needs of nonprofits. Sidesourcing is like outsourcing, only instead of outsourcing specific technical projects, like print or web design, you outsourcing entire functions, like digital engagement. Sidesourcing is like having a part-time, high-level communication strategist who consistently pushes you forward rather than just waiting for the next project.

Sidesourcing is based on a strategy-first mentality that identifies what you're trying to accomplish and how best to accomplish it given your budget. No matter what the best response is...print, web, social media, email marketing, or good old-fashioned direct mail, you only have one point of contact at Greenisland. No more hassling with multiple vendors, or ensuring everyone has the latest version of the logo, or worrying about creative consistency.

Who's it for?

  • Nonprofits with limited or part-time internal communication and marketing staff
  • Nonprofits with limited expertise in key marketing areas, like design, website development or social media
  • Nonprofits looking for more predictability in their communication budgets

What's the benefit?

  • A single point of contact for all of your communication activities
  • Predictable monthly budget with activities and costs outlined in advance
  • The ability to be both proactive and responsive to communication needs

Activities included:

  • Graphic design and print coordination
  • Digital outreach (email newsletters, blogs and social media)
  • Website development
  • Writing and public relations

How does it work?

When you start your relationship with Greenisland, you get a sidesourcer - a person with a knack for high-level thinking about branding, communication, and technology, and what tools are best suited to what you're trying to accomplish.

Your sidesourcer makes it their business to learn your understand your mission, goals, brand, budget, pace and priorities. They'll be as close as a staff person, but without all the overhead.

Your sidesourcer helps you play out your communication strategy proactively and looks for opportunities to advance your mission. A lot of the work they may do themselves, but some they may hand off to other members of the Greenisland team.

Our sidesourcers intentionally limit the number of clients they work with so they can be sure they have the mental and logistical space to keep moving you toward your goal.

Our collective experience with small businesses and non-profits helps us achieve efficiencies through duplication of best practices and exchange of ideas and tools. Your sidesourcer aligns the resources you need from within the Greenisland team and manages consistency of message, style, and strategy.

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