A full review of all of your marketing efforts, resulting in a clear path forward for you and your team.
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Some organizations need guidance as they kickstart a story-based approach to marketing, but have the staff and resources to get the work done once a plan is in place. This 90-day intensive process is designed to review not only your messages online and in print, but also your strategy for ongoing engagement, resulting in a comprehensive plan for updates and upgrades that your team can use for years.
  • $5,500 + facilitator travel expenses
  • At least one onsite team workshop required


One-Day Workshop: An onsite introduction to the principles of story with actionable tools. Read more


In-depth Messaging Analysis: We review all of your current messaging channels and activities - website, print, email, and social media - to learn what we can build on and what may need to be created from the ground up.
Strategy Orientation: We determine how best to shift resources from "shotgun" superficial outreach to in-depth, audience-specific engagement.
Future Plan: We develop a comprehensive but achievable schedule and plan for rebooting your strategy and messaging, including meaningful metrics.
About Your Guide
Tim Whitney has over 25 years experience helping nonprofits and small businesses with marketing and audience engagement using the science and craft of storytelling. 


Action Plan: Clear, specific steps to take at all levels of communication to apply story principles across all of your marketing activities.
  • Tim is always thinking three steps ahead and two steps sideways, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.
    Daphne Baille
    Director of Communication and Marketing, TASC
  • I've worked with Tim for over 12 years, a dozen campaigns and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message.
    Sue Elworth
    Director of Marketing, Willow Creek Association
  • We move fast, and Tim has helped us stay focused and develop industry-leading materials, all while keeping us on message and with an eye on our strategic goals.
    Tracy Hulett
    Director of Marketing, Home-Centered Care Institute