Reframe the way your team thinks and writes about what you do with an immersion in story theory and process.
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This one-day onsite event is designed for your leadership and communication team to understand what's not working now about your current messaging and marketing, and why applying story theory can transform how you engage and keep customers or donors. Packed with video examples and lots of group interaction, your team will have a new energy for future communication and a new understanding for how to make that communication effective.
  • $1,500 + facilitator travel expenses
  • Approx 6 total hours
  • Unlimited participants


Basic storytelling theory: Why are stories so compelling, and what are the principles we can apply to everyday marketing?
The Monomyth: How the hero's journey gives us a framework for audience engagement, but we're not the hero, our customer is.
Archetypes: Using cultural imprints to understand our audience.
The Chemistry of Story: Leveraging empathy, humor, and suspense to write engaging copy.
What Story Means for Process: Developing a model of communication that prioritizes long-term, personalized connection to keep your audience progressing on their journey.
About Your Guide
Tim Whitney has over 25 years experience helping nonprofits and small businesses with marketing and audience engagement using the science and craft of storytelling. 


Website Review: What's working on your website now, and what needs to change?
"The Pitch": This carefully wordsmithed script forms the basis for all future communication and provides a model for writing engaging content
  • Tim is always thinking three steps ahead and two steps sideways, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.
    Daphne Baille
    Director of Communication and Marketing, TASC
  • I've worked with Tim for over 12 years, a dozen campaigns and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message.
    Sue Elworth
    Director of Marketing, Willow Creek Association
  • We move fast, and Tim has helped us stay focused and develop industry-leading materials, all while keeping us on message and with an eye on our strategic goals.
    Tracy Hulett
    Director of Marketing, Home-Centered Care Institute