Get quick insight into the current state of your messaging, with tips on next steps.


Your website is your most prominent messaging tool, but most are built by designers or developers, not messaging experts, so most companies don't even know how effective their site is (or isn't!). We'll help you figure out what's working and what needs improvement.
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We'll personally review your home page and the first internal page listed on your menu, and provide a custom report including the following:
Is the message clear? Is it obvious what you think the next step should be? Does it seem like you know what you do? Are the options overwhelming or unclear?
Is the design clear? Does the overall structure and presentation of your site make sense? Are colors, fonts, pictures, and layout helping or hurting your cause?
Is it compelling? Does the overall package make someone want to get involved? Are you appealing to the better version of your clients?
Problem areas. We'll point out specific issues that might cause problems for end users, including mobile responsiveness, speed, security, and other common areas that companies overlook.


In addition to our overall review, we'll highlight three very specific improvements you and your team can start making.
  • Tim is always thinking three steps ahead and two steps sideways, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.
    Daphne Baille
    Director of Communication and Marketing, TASC
  • I've worked with Tim for over 12 years, a dozen campaigns and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message.
    Sue Elworth
    Director of Marketing, Willow Creek Association
  • We move fast, and Tim has helped us stay focused and develop industry-leading materials, all while keeping us on message and with an eye on our strategic goals.
    Tracy Hulett
    Director of Marketing, Home-Centered Care Institute
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